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Battle Continues for American Ski Company’s Last Resort, The Canyons.

asc-ski-shot.jpgIt seems that a new lawsuit is filed daily in the Battle for The Canyons. The string of lawsuits continues to grow and gets more complex all the time. 

Following the recent announcement that Talisker Corp was going to purchase The Canyons from American Ski Company for $100M, Vail Resorts indicated that they had the exclusive rights to purchase the resort and that Talisker went behind their back to negotiate the deal. Vail subsequently offered $110M for The Canyons. Also included in this lawsuit is Peninsula Advisors.

In addition to this controversy is Wolf Mountain Resorts Managing Partner, Kenny Griswold, saying that he won’t allow The Canyons to be sold to Talisker. Wolf Mountain already has a lawsuit filed against American Ski Company for default on their lease. Wolf Mountain leases a good portion of The Canyons to ASC.

The long term impact of a new operator of The Canyons should have a favorable impact on the whole project, however, the short term impacts are rather muddled.

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