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Shabu Shabu House – A Rare Find

I recently went to dinner at a new Park City restaurant. It is located in the old part of Kimball Junction near Loco Lizard. I had no idea what to expect but was so blown away that I think I could eat there every night.

The food is cooked in “Hot Pots” right at your seat. You can choose from a number of meat selections or go veggie if you prefer. You are then given a large plate of various vegetables and a bowl of rice. Once the spicy water in your pot is boiling your start to cook your food.. You eat the food in the rice bowl and have several dipping sauces. The food is unbelievably good! I had the shrimp and Jim had the beef. After you have eaten the main course you put the rest of your veggies into the water that you cooked everything in. In my case I put the leftover rice, veggies and noodles provided as well as the dipping sauces that I had left over into the pot. I can’t even describe how good that soup tasted.

I left Shabu Shabu House so full I could hardly walk but comfortable that I had a really healthy dinner. I plan to eat at Shabu Shabu House as often as possible. It is owned and operated by Brian and Nicki Nuygen. I have know Brian for close to 12 years and am so impressed with all the work both he and his wife have done in creating this small lovely restaurant. Their dedication to food excellence shows.

I recommend Shabu Shabu House to everyone. Tell your friends, Go have the a great healthy at a very reasonable price!!!!!

Tell them that Jim & Billie sent you.

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