Park City, UT Homes for Sale: Buying the Right Home for Your Family

You have finally decided you want to move to Park City, UT. But how do you decide which home is right for you? After all, there are so many great houses available.


You can afford to buy the home you love, but are you comfortable with the monthly payments you’ll need to make? Is the down payment within your means? Will you have enough cash to pay transaction costs and moving expenses?

Size and configuration:

Is the house the right size for your needs and does it have the right combination of bedrooms, bathrooms and other living areas? Does the kitchen have enough cupboard and countertop space? Is the garage wide enough and deep enough for your vehicles? Will your piano really fit in that alcove near the staircase?


Does the house have a central heating system? A central air-conditioning system? Are those climate controls important to you? Are the windows large enough and positioned to create cross ventilation? If the house has two stories, are you comfortable with the idea of walking up and down stairs every day? Is there a downstairs bathroom (and bedroom, if needed) for guests who can’t navigate the stairs?


Do you like the style and design of the house? Is it too modern or traditional? Or is it too rustic?


Some buyers fall in love with pricey home amenities that seem attractive and desirable at the time, but later prove to be more headache and less pleasure than the buyers anticipated. Do you really want a swimming pool? High-maintenance ornamental trees? Commercial-grade built-in kitchen appliances? Expensive hardwood floors? Some homes are easier to visit than they are to own.

Keep the above in mind and don’t buy that dream house on a whim. Especially in a festive place like Park City, UT, it is easy to get star-struck over the beauty of it all.

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