Why Park City Is Called Mountain Town

Ever wonder how Park City came to be called Mountain Town? It’s not hard to imagine. The city is surrounded by beautiful mountains.

In the early days - the pioneer days, no less - Park City was a mecca for silver mining. Travelers would move through Park City on their way West to mine for silver and gold, but many of them would stay in Park City, which was itself rich with the natural resource of silver. Today, however, it’s a place for skiiers from all over the world to congregate.

Nestled within Wasatch Mountain just a short drive east of Salt Lake City, Park City Utah is a great place to call home, like skiing or not. In the summer when the snow melts, the mountains are still beautiful and prime for mountain hiking, biking, or alpine sliding. Visitors take the tram to the top and enjoy summertime mountain activities.

Whatever direction you look from Park City, you’ll see beautiful mountains. And that’s why we call it Mountain Town. It’s a gorgeous place to visit, but an even better place to live.

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