Good Food At Park City

There’s nothing that will build up an appetite more than being out on the slopes all day and to that end the forward thinking people in Park City have been able to attract some great restaurants to the town that come from diverse backgrounds but all have excellent quality in common.To That end,the business people in Park City have put together a great collection of restaurants and bars that feed both taste buds and the need to relax in a great atmosphere.

The Blind Dog

This is one of those places that has a hip feel to it with a slightly irreverent aptitude that the locals love. It’s easy to get here as this place is right in the middle of Prospector’s Square.


Here’s a testament to the kind of diversity that you can get in a town that where the people have been interested in bringing to light their desire to bring together a multi cultural design for their restaurants. Here’s the place where you can get a freestyle design in Asian cuisine and to that end, they even get the right kind of notice from the local press through a glowing recommendation in the April issue of the Salt Lake City magazine.


Here’s a warm casual dining experience located right in the middle of Park City. This is a restaurant that was opened in 1995 by Robert Redford and the place has made sure to put good food and great conversation on the menu.

There are many different places where you can eat and enjoy the best dining experiences in Park City. One trip there will and you’ll be torn between the slopes and the food afterward.

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