Park City Cuisine

Of course you know that with all the other fine things there are to do in Park City that the restaurants are bound to be as diverse as the other activities and the cuisine in Park City doesn’t disappoint. There are a variety of different restaurants that will appeal to a variety of tastes and of course there is some fine American dining at the top of that list.

The Canyons Food

And of course with all the experiences that you can have off the resorts, looking at what the Canyons has to offer is an excellent idea. For example, Lookout Cabin provides an excellent sit down lunch right on the mountain. You can spend some of your spare ski time exploring and then sit down to a cozy meal at the Lookout Cabin that’s located in the Canyons Grand Summit Hotel.

Western Style
For a family dining in the middle of the mountain, nothing beats the western style of the aptly named Western BBQ. There’s even some extra family fun to be had here as the restaurant is at the top of the of the Flight of the Canyons Gondola.

Signature Restaurant 
And if you’re looking for the signature restaurant located in the lobby of the The Canyons Grand Summit Hotel, then you don’t need to look any further than the Village that’s open for breakfast lunch and dinner.

Remember that no matter where you go in Park City, there’s always going to be top notch entertainment and food so that you can spend the after ski hours in style.

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  1. Hannah Bowling Says:

    A few details:
    Lookout Cabin is located at the top of Shortcut and Golden Eagle Lifts, The Cabin Restaurant is located on ground level in the Grand Summit Hotel. Western BBQ is held in Red Pine Lodge at the top of The Flight of The Canyons Gondola on Saturday evenings. I have no idea what The Village is. However, located in the Resort Village at The Canyons is Sundial Cafe, an excellent choice for breakfast and lunch.


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