Keeping That Outdoor Vibe Alive

Keeping That Outdoor Vibe Alive


As you might have already guessed the emphasis in Park City is all about outdoor fun and there’s so much of it available you might find it hard to stop skiing or snowboarding long enough to take the time out to eat.


Prospector Square


Well, as you might have already guessed, Park City has that angle covered as well with several restaurants that have outdoor seating and one of the best places where you’ll want to be in Prospector Square enjoying the fine European cuisine at Adolph’s. Here’s a place that’s brings a bit of the Continent to America with its fine selection of Swiss Continental food.


Two Levels


For something that provides the best of both worlds there’s Café Sabor that provides two levels of indoor and outdoor seating.   The large windows and fireplaces add to the Mexican food that’s offered there and you can also get steak and pastas as well.


Many of the dining establishments in Park City know that you’ve just spent the day outside and in most cases aren’t ready to come in just because you’re hungry or thirsty.


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