Park City: A Look at Some Current and Upcoming Films

Park City has long been thought of as a place where the film industry is important. While not every weekend showcases Park City with the reputation of the Sundance Festival, the reality is that movies are important.

So what’s in theaters now?

First, to prove that not every film is Sundance caliber, there’s Sex Drive - the most intriguing element of this film for this writer is simple: Seth Green as an Amish man who knows a whole lot about cars.

For the kids, there is Beverly Hills Chihuahua - a film that promises to be entertaining for the whole family that, in more reviews than not, fails to deliver.

Those who are looking for adventure are going to find themselves looking at Max Payne, Eagle Eye and Quarantine; those who want something with plenty of action and a bit of realism are likely to turn to Body of Lies and those who aren’t going to the movies just for the chance to get away from the presidential race for a couple of hours may make the choice to check out W.

Of all the films that are playing, those who are looking for something inspirational and uplifting are best likely to find it in the film adaptation of The Secret Life of Bees.

In other words, there are still plenty of great opportunities for those who are looking to head out to chech out a film - and a little bit of something for everyone.

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